I thought it would be boring again, but it wasn’t! Great movie!
Love doesn’t interfere my appetite!  (at Cafe Ysabel)
Déja Vu! 😋🍰 (at Café Breton)
The Lion is most handsome when looking for food. 😋 (at The Frazzled Cook)
When the sun sets today, remember it will rise again tomorrow! 😊
Food selfie 😋 (at RYU Ramen & Curry)
Stress cannot exist in the presence of a comfort food! 😱😋😍  (at Joe’s Meatshack)
The Lego Movie! 👌 (at Shangri-la Premiere Theatre)
Will climb the Parrot’s Beak,  Soon baby, soon👌😍🙏 (at Pico de Loro)
In a cafe, I watched it begin again. 🎶💖👌 (at Poco Deli)
Wacky mode with tita @dianajoyce! Merry Christmas!